Looking to the Future

Following the successful completion of the 15th Annual Celebrate Life Fun Run/Walk in 2018, the Celebrate Life Volunteer Board explored other fundraising options to support our mission. Our intent was to host a fundraiser this past winter. However, hosting an event requires the expenditure of a portion of our financial resources which reduces dollars available for Celebrate Life recipients. After much consideration, we have opted not to schedule an event at this time.

For the past four years Celebrate Life has been a fortunate recipient of 7B Women’s Boobs N Beer fundraising event. With other generous donations and monies raised from our previous events, we have been able to continue assisting individuals affected by cancer in Sandpoint and the surrounding areas.

Celebrate Life continues to be a much-needed resource in our community. With ongoing support from donations, Celebrate Life will continue to work diligently to provide assistance in as many ways as possible.

Because of her own journey with cancer, co-founder Jenny Meyer understood how patients with cancer and their families could benefit from simple gestures with no strings attached. We thank you for your continued support of our mission and Jenny’s vision.


Julie Walkington and the Celebrate Life Family